BitLife MOD APK Download 1.14.3 (Unlocked)

BitLife MOD APK Download

Hi, we want to introduce a new game to you today, which is BitLife-Life Simulator. If you like simulation games, then this game is well worth a try. BitLife-Life Simulator is a life simulation game, which is well-designed, and the details are very friendly to play. The interaction is straightforward to accommodate and can bring you a lot of fun. Let’s take a close look.

APK Information

Version 1.14.3
Size 69.2 MB
Developer Candywriter, LLC

A brief introduction of BitLife-Life Simulator

When you first see this game, don’t be misled by its icon. Although the icon is a swimming sperm, this game is not about sperm at all, but about a person’s life from birth to death. The game simulates this whole process.

We came to this world from birth and met our parents. In the long years, we grew up, met new people, encountered a lot of things, and needed to make many decisions. Each of these bits of life will leave traces of our lives and thus affect our destiny more or less. This game is just about, as its name suggests, a simulation of a person from birth to growing up, getting married, having children, working, getting old, etc., a process that we will encounter as we grow up. With decisions being made, our destiny changes directly or indirectly in the game.

It sounds like this game seems complicated. You might think of the Sims, but it is not like that. Although they are all life simulation games, this game is a text game. Yes, most of your operations are shown with lines of text information. If you don’t like this type of game, then you may be disappointed with it. But if you don’t care about the appearance of the game and pay more attention to the content, then this game is worth a try. In this game, you will regret the lack of more time to spend with your parents when they suddenly die. You will also meet quarrel with your wife because of some wrong decisions you made in your life, just like real-life occasions.

Game features

You need to pay attention to personal data indexes

When you enter this game, you will see a particular data index system at the lower part of the game UI. Four main indexes much influence your quality of life in the game. You need to pay close attention to these indexes when playing this game because they will affect the outcome when you are taking actions and making decisions.

1st Index – Happiness

This index is fundamental, and it determines the level of your character’s feelings. When your Happiness index is relatively high, you will feel more fulfilled when doing things, and you will get more positive feedbacks in the game. When your happiness index is low, your character may repeatedly suffer from negative emotions such as depression.

2nd Index – Health

The Health Index is also significant. Only if you have good health can you participate in more activities and complete your work more effectively. You can avoid the trouble of the disease or the inability to enjoy life.

3rd Index – Smarts

This index is similar to your intelligence level, but not equal. When this index is high, you can make the right decision, and the decision you make will get positive feedback. Increasing this index requires you to pay attention to learning; and when your age is increasing, this index will also add up more or less. However, it should be noted that when you are too young, this index is usually limited, and it is difficult to increase it significantly. So, this index is not the same as the intelligence level of your game character.

4th Index – Looks

Looks are also an important indicator. When you are born, your appearance is initialized, and it may be beautiful or ugly, which will have an impact on your life, just like real life. However, in this game, the looks are not static; you can improve your looks through cosmetic surgery, making your appearance more attractive.

You need to have a job

In this game, when you graduate, you can start looking for a job. Finding a job is not a smooth one. If you are an inexperienced graduate, then a high-paying job won’t give you a chance.

Once you have a job, you can get a steady source of income, so you don’t have to ask for money from your parents. You can even give money to your parents, but if the amount is significant, your wife may argue with you for this, LOL.

As your work experience accumulates, you will gradually get a promotion and get a more generous reward. You can also browse the job menu and apply for a more competitive job.

Assets in the game

In this game, you will buy and get cars, housing, and other properties like real life. However, before you buy a car, you need to obtain a driver’s license. Otherwise, you can’t buy a car. There are no such restrictions on purchasing a home, but you need more money to afford it.

Just like real social life, when your parents or wife die, there will be an inheritance, and you will get a sum of money. It may be a considerable sum. Of course, you can be a miser and finally leave a significant legacy to your son and daughter.

The Increasing age

Bitlife - Life Simulator Age

The increasing age is the primary factor that drives the development of the game. Each time you click on the “Age+” button, which is significant in the game interface, your age will increase by one year. And all your activities will happen in this year until you click the “Age+” button again.

As you get older, you will find that your data indexes will change accordingly. For example, the Smarts index will increase with age, which means that your life experience is more abundant. Another example, when you are very old, your Looks index will get lower and lower. Especially when you reach the age of eighty or ninety, you may need to improve the Looks index through Salon & Spa, etc. Good Looks will make others more like to get along with you.

Enjoy rich life experiences

In this game, you can participate in a variety of activities and experience a variety of life, such as adopting pets, playing cards, horse racing, dating, exercise, reading, nightlife, and so on. Of course, these activities usually cost money, but after participation, you may often get some returns on your status. However, sometimes spending money may not yield good returns or even have side effects. For example, if you go to see a doctor in the game, you may spend quite a lot of money, but get “No Luck” with your illness. In this game, you may choose to play a one-night stand. Then your wife may find you cheat her and quarrel with you. Your relationship will drop to the freezing point after that. Therefore, you should be careful to choose the activities.

Interesting NPC

The NPC in this game is a bit smart. If you have a terrible relationship with them, when you try to get along with them, they may ignore you. When playing the game, I chose to quarrel with my son at one time. Then, our relationship became very bad, and he refused when I tried to talk to him. He refused to communicate with me until one day I sent him a lot of money – hey, shit, money is everything.

Abstract and vivid life simulation

As a text game, the game’s simulation of life is more or less abstract, and all your actions are shown as lines of text. However, if you get into this game, you will find that its depiction of life is still fascinating and vivid.

Your decision will always affect your life and change your relationship with your parents and children. As you continue to exercise, you will have better Health and Happiness; if you go to the library to read, you will keep your Smarts at a right level, so you can get better income and make the right decisions; Choosing to quarrel with your wife and children, you will have a bad relationship with them, and even no longer interact with each other, thus affecting your Happiness and so on.

Important social relations

In this game, your social relationships mainly include parents, wives, children, grandchildren, and so on. Parents would like to give you something, children may always demand something from you, and your wife needs you to communicate and accompany. Of course, you can also have pets, but you have to take care of them.


This game is not a fiercely competitive or strategic game, but life-experiencing. There is no big Boss for you to combat in the game, only life trivia. You experience the joy and sadness of life in the process of dealing with these trivial things.

Visual and sound quality

As a text game, it is no need to talk more about the visual quality, but the interface design of this game is perfect, simple and clear, and easy to get started. However, if you are playing a free version, then you may find that there will always be advertisements at the bottom of the game UI, and you will also encounter ads during playing, which will affect your gaming experience, so we recommend you download the Mod version here with no ads and no payment restrictions. The sound of this game is relatively simple and well match the game.

bitlife death

Download BitLife MOD APK 1.14.3

As mentioned above, although this game has a free version, there are too many advertisements, which affects the experience. We recommend that you download the unlocked mod version of the game we found for you, BitLife 1.14.3 Mod version. You are welcome to download and start your game journey.

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