Golf Clash Mod APK 2.34.4 (Free Chest)

Golf Clash Mod APK

Hello, everybody, I want to introduce you to a great game, Golf Clash. You should know the game’s name as soon as you see the name of the game, but what I want to say is that whether you are a golfer or not, I recommend you to download this game and play it. The game is really great. Let’s take a look at the details of this game.

Golf Clash game screenshot

APK Information

APK NameGolf Clash Mod APK
Size88.4 MB | 68.3 MB

Let’s start with a general introduction.

This game is a simulation game of golf. I think the designer of this game must be a fan of golf because he/she makes the game feel very professional and well-designed so that you can enjoy the fun of golf games during the game.

When you enter the game, you will start your game journey as a novice golfer. After a short gameplay training, you can participate in various golf competitions with other online gamers. In the course of the game, as your skills improve, you will continue to accumulate gold coins and harvest treasure chests, so you can upgrade your golf shots and participate in higher-level competitions.

The most significant feeling of this game is that the graphics are excellent, the sound effects are outstanding, the interaction is very user-friendly, and it is easy to get started, even a novice can quickly get into it.

The features of this game

Perfect game environment settings

Golf Clash beautiful environment

When you enter the game and start the game, you will find that the golf course is lovely. Maybe some players don’t care how elegant the interface of the game is, but I personally like to play games with the beautiful interface, which will make you feel good and get better game experience.

Of course, the environment settings of this game are not limited to the interface. The design of the golf course in the game is very realistic and professional. At the same time, it also considers the influence of wind, visual obstacles, human judgment, etc. These factors can significantly affect your competition during the golfing process.

Easy to use gameplay

Golf Clash controls

This game doesn’t take a lot of time to show you how to play this game. If you are playing for the first time, there are straightforward instructions that allow you to learn the basics and then start a real matchup quickly. You won’t feel very difficult to get started or can’t figure out the rules of the game. You only need to know how to prepare to hit the golf ball. As for levels, rewards, item purchases, and upgrades, you can gradually figure out in the process.

Although the game is easy to get started, it is not easy to win the game every time. Your judgment on the timing and the control of the environment will significantly affect whether you can beat the opponent.

Simple and interesting communication

During the game, you can have a simple conversation with your opponent. When your opponent has a good shot, you can give him a clap and praise his ball. When he hits a bad ball, you can give him a horrified expression, or slightly despise him. Of course, your opponent can also praise or despise your skills. These simple and interesting interactions add to the fun of the game without disturbing the game.

Coins, Gems and Treasure Chest

When you win the game, you will get two kinds of rewards; one is gold coins, the other is a treasure chest. Gold coins are a primary resource in the game. If you want to participate in the competition, you need to spend a certain amount of gold coins. The most basic game takes 50 gold coins to participate in the competition. When you win the game, you will get your opponent’s gold coins, which is a total of 100 gold coins, and get a treasure chest. When you unlock the next level of the game, you need to spend 200 gold coins to enter the competition. After winning the competition, you will get 400 gold coins, two treasure chests, but after losing the game, your gold coins will become your opponent’s, and the treasure chest will be your opponent’s too. The higher the level of the game, the higher the entrance fee you need. Of course, the reward you will receive after winning the game will be higher accordingly. You can get 60 million coins and 30 treasure chests when you win the highest level! When you get the treasure chest, you can click to unlock, after unlocking, you will get some gold coins, you can also get the club.

coins in golf clash

There are also gems in the game. Gems are more valuable than coins, and you can change 60 gems to 2000 coins. However, you can not change coins to germs, and you can only buy gems with real money for 0.99$/80gems. There are also free ways to get gems. When you win a competition and get a treasure chest, then opening the chest will yield you some gems. It is just slow to get gems by this means.

A variety of clubs waiting for you to unlock and collect

clubs in gold clash game

If you are an amateur player, then you may be addicted to the process of finding an opponent to win. However, if you are a real golfer, then you will not only be content to play against your opponent, you will definitely pay attention to your club and ball. In this game, the classification of the club is very professional, and there are many types of clubs. The advanced clubs will have differences in performance parameters, which will help you get better results. However, advanced clubs need to be unlocked to get it. You need to win the game, get the treasure chest, and then unlock the advanced club by opening the treasure chest. Besides, accumulate a certain number of the same type of clubs can get an upgrade for better performance. Of course, in addition to the clubs, there are many types of golf balls to choose. But the choice of the balls is relatively fewer than the clubs.

Free to play, but advanced equipment is hard to get

You can play this game without spending money, and there are few advertisements in the process of playing, which basically does not affect your game experience. However, to get more advanced clubs and balls, you will find it difficult by simply winning the game and opening the treasure chest. We have found a mod version of the game for you here. After installing the Golf Clash Mod APK, you can unlock the advanced equipment in the game without paying fees. I recommend you give it a try.

Visual and sound quality

As mentioned above, the image quality of this game is outstanding, the sound effects are not many, but it is very compatible with the overall game, allowing you to enjoy the fun of golf.

win a competition of golf clash

Download Golf Clash MOD APK 2.34.4

I have introduced so much to you. If you think this game is for your taste, then download this game and give it a try. No matter what you believe, but I, as an amateur, am attracted to it for the first time. I think you will like it too.

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