Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk 2.0.0 (Unlimited Energy)

harry potter hogwarts mystery mod apk

For those lovers of this literary novel that is world-renown, Harry Potter will have their opportunities to become involved with the world of wizards. Create your own personalities, combine the desirable Hogwarts Academy, remain in the historical Hogwarts Castle, find the secrets as you start your sorcerer apprentice journey. Learn your magical, combine your schoolmates in duel, experience a few of the characters in the collection. Discover more about this match with our testimonials.

APK Information

APK NameAvakin Life Mod Apk
Size105.4 MB
DeveloperJam City, Inc.


The Hogwarts Academy is started for enroll. It is your opportunity to join this academy just like you dream about, and be a magician. As a student of Hogwarts, players can perform in the game.

In improvements, players in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery will have their odds to go through the epic play along with other online players . You can combine your buddies and revel in the gameplay it offers.


Here you’ll discover all of the features that the sport has to offer:

Experience your Hogwarts adventures

For the very first time, fans of films show and this book, will soon be introduced into the many Hogwarts adventures where you are going to explore all aspects of the wonderful school. Because you participated in activities of the faculty, learn the arts of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Each pupil will have approximately seven years to allow them to complete their research and graduate from this school that is unbelievable. Progress as a pupil and master all of the things which you wanted to understand from so on, and flying fighting, potion brewing.

Customize your personal characters

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery enables players to explore a customizing choice to create every single character different from others. Here you are able to select at all you dislike and prefer in your own characters.

Have them wearing clothing, naturally, different sexes, and having physics eyes, mouths, noses.

Explore the craft of magical and sorceries years in Hogwarts

If you’re desperate to learn about the arts of potions and sorceries, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is the spot for you. Spend your time analyzing courses that are distinct, learn about magic, charms, potions, and hone your own skills through clinics.

And during your experiences in this school, you will have the opportunities to find characters that are renowned . Unlock new characters as you finish missions and your quests. Spend time study the charms, potions, and abilities that are wizards so that you may progress into the upcoming decades. The game includes places which you have seen on books or the films.

Spend some time studying the dark magic with everybody’s favorite Professor Snape, get involved into the artwork of Transfiguration using Professor McGonagall, or find out that the Charms potions through Professor Flitwick. Catch your opportunities to be a magician. And needless to say, have a great deal of fun.

Pick your preferred Hogwarts home

And you have to know the importance of picking the homes. Artwork of wizards diverse and function as masters. And to make matters less frightening for your students that are new, you will have the chances to pick your homes.

Become Involved into epic experiences and resolve the unsolved puzzles

As the Hogwarts Castle includes a great deal of puzzles that are waiting to research, you can imagine in the title. That having been said, in this match, players will have the chances to utilize their skills to look into the incidents. And, the Cursed Vaults will be your favorite place. I mean, just examine the name. Is not it intimidating?

The game presents new experiences with the upgrades.

Have a long-term friendship along with other pupils

And being a student in you are going to have the chances and different pupils in the faculty to meet up. It is your opportunities to make. Befriends together with students along with your housemates, take part in exciting group activities such as the House Cup, and combine epic quests.

Remember that these aren’t optional as you will have to create bonds to unlock gameplay and assignments with characters. Additionally, it is almost always a great point.

Free to perform

Despite all of the features, the game comes in a pricing. Android players can get it installed in their devices. There are a number of buys which you may discover annoying.

Have all of the in-game contents unlocked using our mods

And to help you get rid of the content that is locked, we proudly present our mod variant of this sport. Here it is possible to gain access to cash in addition to all of of the contents to spend on anything you desire. Ensure that you follow our instruction for the installation.

Visual and audio Excellent Pictures

The game features 3D images will characters that are well-designed surroundings, and everything you could ever need on a game. Playing in the 3D maps, socialize with characters that are realistic, and watch the charm executions and above all, immerse in stimulating actions.


Additionally, the game presents epic sound experiences which come from Harry Potter soundtracks. In addition to this, many of your NPCs are going to have their voiced dialogues. This permits you to feel as though captured in the stories.

Download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery MOD newest 2.0.0 Android APK

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery isalso, undoubtedly, a match for its fans of this show who will not get enough of contents. Additionally, the ordinary RPG players would also find this game extremely addictive because of its amazing capabilities. And of course you’ll have a totally free match with that our mods.

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