Modern Strike Online Mod Apk 1.33.0 (Unlimited Money)

Select your facet and take part from Azur Interactive Games in gunfights in this FPS match that is remarkable. Discover more about this epic shot with our testimonials.

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APK NameModern Strike Online Mod Apk
Size63.9 MB
DeveloperAzur Interactive Games Limited


Since it brings back Contemporary shooting lovers would love this sport. Here you will possess your odds to experience a legitimate shooting game and much more.

Begin by selecting on your side involving the terrorists and the police forces. Your goal in each game would be to prevent your competitors from attaining their objectives, which will be to take the last of these enemies or complete your own quests.

Gamers will have their own odds to experience gunfights, create applications of strategies, and immerse themselves in shooter game play that is addictive.


Here are a Few of the features that the sport has to offer:

Perform the game in the single player and multiplayer style

The styles are sure a fantastic option since it provides tons of tutorials in addition to addictive tales, if you are somebody who enjoys working or just beginning to play the sport.

If youwant to challenge other gamers and’re so convinced with your ability the multiplayer battles that are internet are for one to research. Choose between 8 different combat modes and play with your sport.

To make your trip enjoyable and more interesting, you will have the choice. Being a member of a clan a clan, you will get a lot of prizes. Additionally, you find out a thing or 2 and are able to befriend along with your clan members. Your clan can go in clan battles, where the winners will be rewarded with epic prizes contrary to another.

Try out 14 completely different maps

Here you’re never going to find yourself restricted in one map. There are a total of 14 maps for you. Each map is made.

You’ll develop with tactics for each one of those maps. Ensure that you are able to make the most of the places that are strategic in addition to terrain to triumph over your enemies.

Create uses of strong weapons

Having access players permitted to create plays that were various and also have various approaches. Based upon your fighting styles, you may pick the snipers blast over them with shotguns to take your competitors from distances, or simply take the building down and so on.

With over 70 kinds of weapons and countless options, you can decide which to select. To guard their personalities, players can equip them with armors that could give plenty of advantages to them.

And if you think they will need to be trendy and that possessing the weapons aren’t enough, then you would be surely interested by the epic weapon skins. Here you can find a lot of skins to your weapons accessories, gears, and so forth.

Additionally, you are able to put on costumes which may transform your personalities. Set on them and create the enemies and your group.

Unlike other FPS games for Android apparatus, contemporary Strike on the internet is made with funding players in mind. The game includes a optimized platform which could run on apparatus with hardware. You may run this game in your telephones that are feeble.

Available controls platform for players that are new

The matter with FPS games for cellular apparatus is they often arrive with a comparatively tough control system. And that is why players find it hard trying to become acquainted with a game in their apparatus.

With Modern Strike on the internet, you are going to feel comfortable with all the controller since it includes features and components.

Check out the Wonderful game modes

These are the game modes that are Wonderful Which You Can appreciate when playing with Modern Hit Online:


Take every enemy of yours down and be the top players in the sport. Additionally, until they get their hands on your 25, you are able to play this game in multiplayer mode and just take the enemy down groups.


Take him down until you can prevent. Learn who’s the better fighter.

Every player in both groups will have a life. Ensure that you win the battle and fight clever to overrun your opponent.


And if you believe the normal games are not tough anymore, you can choose the sport to a completely new level by picking out the Hardcore style. Here, you will have your opportunity to experience activities with damages that are doubled. Require 1 bullet and you’re going to lose your own life. Combat smart!

Custom matches

if you are considering challenging friends and family in an enjoyable and free conflict, then the Custom games are unquestionably great for you. Here, you play with the game, place your principles, and can make your own squad.

Free to perform

We suggest you begin enjoying this epic shot as you have a opportunity and get it today.

Visual and audio Excellent Pictures

Precise and images consequences are what made this game. Additionally, the hardware acceleration will help make the game more usable and simpler, even on apparatus.


Melee strikes explosions, and gunshots will cause you to can not keep your eyes.

Download Modern Strike Online MOD latest 1.33.0 Android APK

This game is among the best FPS shooters for Android apparatus. And there’s absolutely no reason you need ton’t play with it.

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